Machine Shop

We have designed our machine Shop around the needs of our Casting Customers, and continue to grow this value added service as the demand increases. Our focus is to provide our Customers a machining option at the Foundry to take advantage of the benefits of a one schedule-one purchase order approach, where in-process scrap remake becomes the Foundry’s responsibility.

Whether it’s a rough cut, a qualifying cut or precision finished machining, our Machine Shop is tooled to handle the same size & geometry of castings that we produce in the Foundry. On production runs, we routinely perform a documented 100% inspection at the bench and retain those documents to satisfy Customers inspection requirements.

We are also ready and able to outsource any machining or intermediate process that may be required during the machining operation such as specialized hardening, exotic plating, precision grinding or other critical steps. Our true outstanding quality is our capable staff of qualified Machinist ready to operate the shop around the clock as needed to meet our Customers needs.